My Working Arenas

Universal Visa

“Universal Visa is a common brand name for the official registered businesses in Australia and India”.

With the instinct tendency of prominent law learning in the areas of overseas study and settlement, our diligent hardship has proven to resolve complex cases in no time.

We assist in the preparation of applications for the full range of Worldwide entry visa categories and have unequalled experience and success in achieving the desired outcome for prospective immigrants or visitors be it for PERMANENT RESIDENCY, temporary, family, tourist, business, investment and employer sponsor.

Ozzie11 Cricket Club

“Ozzie 11 cricket club” is a creative idea established to Nurture the Talent of deserving cricketers. To bring them all age groups under one roof where players can learn under the academies of superior Coaches.. Players can find finest cricket ground to perform their best.

Regular tournaments will only improves their cricketing skills to better and better, ample opportunities to perform against different district teams.

Ozzie 11 is a cricket club which continuously involved and focused on cricket players all seasons which includes but not limited to Tournaments, Academies, Grounds. Here in all age groups are welcome to be part of us. Ozzie 11 under the superior supervision of Senior players and Coaches who have vast experience in cricket history some are ex-Rohru and Ranji players of India are laboriously involved Joginder Kadian, Gopal Arya, Dinesh Khokhar, Sukhbir Chaudhary, Satish Rana

Universal11 Cricket Club

Being I Aseem Saini the founder of this innovative idea have formed a formal cricket club with the name “Ozzie 11”, How’s that ?

Since I have personally lived many years in Australia and have played many different VTCA cricket clubs in Victoria at various levels have given my intention an extra edge to come out with such an idea of establishing a finest Cricket club in my home town to Nurture the Talent of deserving ones