Hi, I’m Aseem Saini. A Life Coach, Career Guide, Motivational Speaker, Human Development Coach, Champion Mindset & a Visa Consultancy Specialist.

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Being I Aseem Saini the founder of this innovative idea have formed a formal Australian Footy Club with the name “Ozzie Footy Club” and Cricket Clubs “Ozzie11 & Universal11”, How’s that ?

Since I have personally lived many years in Australia and I am aware of footy clubs in Victoria at various levels have given my intention an extra edge to come out with such an idea of establishing a finest footy club in my home town to Nurture the Talent of deserving ones

Successful people always do what unsuccessful people are simply unwilling to do.

Aseem Saini




I work as an acting Australian Migration Agent, and a Professional
member of MA (Migration Alliance), ME (Migration and Education
Alliance of Australia) in the areas of Migration and Education. Being principal consultant, I am engaged in directing Universal Visa
common brand name for the official registered businesses in Australia and India.


As Direrctor and Chief Executive Officer of Universal Visa, I have instinct tendency of prominent law learning in the areas of overseas study and settlement, my diligent hardship has proven to resolve complex cases in no time.
Universal Visa Incorporated in India since December 2008 where as in Australia with same brand name it has begun from 2012

Accreditations & Alliances

MARA (Australian Government Office of MigrationAgents Registration Authority)

MIA (Migration Institute of Australia)

ME (Migration and Education Alliance)

MA(Migration Alliance)


Associations & Tie Ups


Federation University


UNBC Canada

Trinity Western University Canada

University Canada West

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